Way 8 – Invest in Job Training

Way8Imagine that you’re the main provider for your wife who has health issues, a brother with physical and mental disabilities, and a young daughter preparing to begin college. Then you lose your job.

That’s what happened to Kenneth in 2010.

He didn’t know where to turn at first. After giving it some thought, he decided to change careers.

Kenneth contacted Lifetrack Resources in St. Paul to find out about careers in welding. He took classes and received certifications offered through Renewable Energy Network Empowering Workers (RENEW), which provides access to sustainable career pathways, while ensuring that area businesses have access to a well-trained workforce.

After completing the program, Kenneth still encountered challenges finding a permanent job but worked closely with his Lifetrack Resources job counselor to pursue potential employment opportunities while working temporary jobs.

Today, Kenneth has a stable, permanent job due to his patience and determination to support his family – and because of state investments in services like Lifetrack Resources and RENEW.

He says that thanks to the job training assistance and support, he was able to start over and succeed. Today, he is proud to once again provide for his family.

Kenneth’s story is a prime example of how state investments benefit Minnesota’s economy – and why policymakers should raise revenues fairly to fund these services.