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After years of spending cuts, the Legislature passed a tax bill that brings in needed revenue to invest in our schools, make college more affordable, develop a strong workforce and restore funds for many critical public services. We will all reap the benefits as these investments boost the economy and support Minnesotans working to make ends meet.

The bill also makes strides toward tax fairness by increasing reliance on an income tax based on the ability to pay. By adding a fourth tier to the income tax, a 2 percent rate increase will apply to the 2 percent of Minnesotans with the highest incomes.

rotundaIt is important that legislators hear from constituents who support their work to pass a tax bill that raises revenues fairly.

Please take a minute to find out how your legislators voted on the final bill and call and/or email to thank those who voted yes.

You can find out who represents you and get their contact information here.

Demonstrate your support for Invest in Minnesota’s revenue-raising principles

Become an endorsing member of Invest in Minnesota by completing our Revenue Raising Principle Sign-On form. Together we can demonstrate powerful support for our core principles:

  1. Revenue-raising must be a significant part of the solution to resolving the state’s budget deficit.
  2. The overall package of fair revenue-raising must make the tax system more fair.

An increase to the state’s income tax based on the ability to pay should be a major component of a revenue-raising package.

Targeted tax credits for low- and moderate-income Minnesotans are an important tool in creating a fair tax system, and should be maintained and expanded.